Samantha Escobar


Hello, I’m Sam. I’m the Fashion & Beauty Editor for The Gloss and have been doing makeup in theater for almost a decade, makeup for photography and special events for about eight years, and film makeup for nearly six.

For additional examples of work I’ve done, price estimates, and any other questions, please email me at

As of July 2012:
“In Person” (2012) directed by Justin Golden – (Film) Makeup/Hair
“Long Distance Soup” (2012) directed by Elliot Frahs – (Film) Makeup/Hair
Video for Jekel (2012) directed by Wade Koch – (Music Video) Makeup/Hair
“Treble Reel” (2011) directed by Katie Valovcin – (Film) Makeup/Hair
“Me Voy” (2011) directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada, song by Latin-Grammy Award winners Jesse & Joy – (Music Video) Makeup/Hair
“Perdida a Medias” (2011) directed by Rosa Paulin – (Film) Makeup/Hair
“A Spoonful of Sugar” (2011) directed by Katie Valovcin – (Film) Makeup/Hair
“Rex” (2011) directed by Rachel Werth – (Film) Makeup/Hair
“Aced” (2011) directed by Alexander Taussig – (Film) Makeup/Hair
“Just Say No” (2011) directed by John Rocco – (Film) Beauty Makeup/Hair
“Light Showers” (2010) directed by Andrew Finch
“Pocket Elephant” (2010) directed by Jocelyn RC – (Film) Makeup/Hair
“Tent City” (2010) directed by Rob Frenay – (Film) Makeup, Hair, & Co-Wardrobe
Commercial for Downtown Long Beach (2010) directed by Adam Richman – (Film) Makeup
KTLA news spot for Alex’s Lemonade Stand and The Daily Grill (2011) – (TV) Makeup/Hair
“Me, Myself, & Time” Disney/Target Commercial (2010) directed by Ross Ching – Makeup/Hair –
“May 1980” (2010) directed by Jessica Hendricks – (Film) Makeup/Hair and Co-Wardrobe
“Through Glass” (2010) directed by Ryu Koyama – (Film) Makeup
“Letting Go” (2010) directed by Anna Lund – (Film) Makeup/Hair
“Less to Pack” (2010) directed by Jennifer Hanks – Makeup/Hair
“Anchor” (2010) directed by Abiel Bruhn – (Film) Makeup/Hair & Co-Wardrobe
“Rebound Sundae” (2010) directed by Dylan Narang – (Film) Makeup/Hair
Photography by M Images – (Photography) Makeup
“The Sprinkler” (2010) directed by Matthew Ladensack – (Film) Makeup
“The Unnatural” (2009) directed by Eric Day – (Film) Makeup
“BabyBilly” (2009) directed by Jonada Jashari – (Film) Makeup
“Canned Ecology” (2009) directed by Elise Holowicki – (Film) Makeup and Wardrobe
“Barely Bar Mitzvah’d” (2009) directed by Oren Peleg – (Film) Makeup
“Kryptonite” (2009) directed by Vinnie Pompo – (Film) Makeup & Acting
Untitled short film (2009) directed by Rosa Paulin – (Film) Makeup & Acting
Photography by Marquel Gerson – (Photography) Makeup
“Vibrato” (2009) directed by Traci Hays – (Film) Makeup
Two commercials for the OC Register – Makeup/Hair
“Campeater” (2009) directed by Daniel Kaufman – (Film) Makeup
“Passing On” (2009) directed by Cameron Clark – (Film) Makeup
“Time Traveler” (2009) directed by Nathan Whitcomb – (Film) Co-Makeup
Photography by Aaron Z. Lee – (Photography) Makeup & Modeling
Co-Makeup – “Three Penny Opera” (Theater)
“The Glass Menagerie” – (Theater) Makeup and Acting
Mountainview Photography – (Photography) Makeup & Modeling
Photography by Brett Messenger – (Photography) Makeup & Modeling


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